Maperath Farm

Farming as Nature Intended

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Maperath Farm

Farming as Nature Intended

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Maperath Farm

Farming as Nature Intended

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Welcome to Maperath Farm

Maperath Farm represents a model of sustainable farming on a small scale production. We rear Premium Certified Free Range Turkeys and Geese for the Festive season.

At Maperath Farm we are dedicated to the ethos of free range and sustainable farming. Using traditional handling techniques, outdoor living and slow rearing, Maperath birds enjoy over six months of natural, locally sourced feeds and maximum time foraging in the outdoors.

We believe that the future of sustainable farming relies on the youth of today. That is why we have our very own Educational Mobile Farm. We teach children all over the country where their food comes from, how to successfully look after all kinds of animals, and the possibilities of sustainable farming.

Turkeys and Geese

Maperath Farm’s Turkey and Geese live their lives in green pastures, out in the fresh air and are slow reared on locally sourced natural feeds. We guarantee that our festive fowl will be the highlight of you Christmas dinner.

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our story

Maperath Farm is a small free range farm founded on the principals of sustainable farming.

Our Birds

Every year at Maperath Farm, we raise Turkeys and Geese for the festive season.

free range

Maperath Farm is the oldest certified Free Range Farm selling direct in Meath.


You receive a delicious Christmas bird while also supporting local sustainable farming.


Collection day at Maperath Farm is a fun and festive day out for all the family.


Check in on our turkeys and geese with our regular updates and Turkey Chats.

Order Your Turkey for Christmas 2020 

At Maperath Farm, our order book starts filling up as early as July. Order your Turkey or Goose today to make sure you get your hands on one of our delicious birds.

Mobile Farm

Maperath Mobile Farm is an outdoor classroom that is used to educate children and adults through a hands-on learning experience. The mobile farm teaches young and old about the different farm animals and their role in producing the food we eat.

mobile story

The Maperath Mobile Farm aims to tach children all about farm animals and sustainable farming.

our animals

Our selection of farm animals travel the country with us to provide an interactive learning experience.


With the Mobile Farm children will learn all about where their food comes from.


Maperath Mobile Farm is an education first experience and is much more than a petting farm.


Contact Maperath Mobile Farm today to organise a visit to your school.


The Maperath Mobile Farm makes appearances at events and festivals around the country.

Book the Maperath Mobile Farm

Contact Eoin and the The Maperath Mobile Farm to organise a visit to your school, nursing home or event.