About Maperath Farm

Maperath Farm is a small, free range and sustainable farm just outside Kells, Co.Meath. At Maperath Farm we rear tasty turkeys and geese for the perfect Christmas dinner. We also operate a mobile farm that travels to schools around the country and teaches children all about animals and farming.

Maperath Farm is owned and run by Eoin and Olivia Sharkey, and we are sometimes helped out by our three wonderful children. We love life on the farm and all of our animals are like family to us. For us, Maperath Farm is much more than a business – it is our entire way of life.

We believe in traditional, free range and sustainable farming techniques. The future of the Irish farming industry, and the global farming industry even, depends on small local farmers, like us, doing everything they can to encourage the farm to table trend. We believe that when people understand where their food comes from and what is involved in raising and caring for animals in the free range tradition, then there is a greater appreciation of the food on their tables.

Maperath Farm is unique because it represents a true model of Sustainable Farming. We are all about high levels of animal welfare, natural feed products and low levels of intensity. We are the oldest only Certified Free Range Farm selling direct in Co. Meath.

Turkeys and Geese

Maperath Farm’s Turkey and Geese live their lives in green pastures, out in the fresh air and are slow reared on locally sourced natural feeds. We guarantee that our festive fowl will be the highlight of you Christmas dinner.

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Mobile Farm

Maperath Farm operates a mobile arm that travels to schools all over the country. We educate thousands of children every year on where their food comes from and the importance of supporting local farms.

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