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The mobile farm’s aim is to educate children on where food comes from. I present the big picture of the animal’s life on the farm, and not just the last two seconds. I assure them that all the animals are treated humanely, have regular visits from the vet, and that food production demands a lot of rules and regulations to ensure that animals are treated well.

I begin each talk by asking the kids questions so I can gage and understand the level of farming education that they have. The talks vary from age to age and school to school. For some, the discussion focuses on what food products we get from farm animals, how long the animals live for and the best ways to take care of them. For children who might have a greater knowledge of farm animals, we talk about how much food we can get from one animal, what sustainable farming is and try to offer them an in-depth understanding of life on the farm.

The mobile farm fits in perfectly with school curriculums. The focus here is on education but in a fun, interactive and live way. The children are all really curious and I get asked lots of different questions - the most common one is if our Dexter brown cow produces chocolate milk.