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Our Animals

At Maperath Farm we operate a traditional mixed farm and we represent all of these animals on our mobile farm. During a visit, school children will learn all about:

  • Cows

  • Pigs

  • Chickens

  • Ducks

  • Turkeys

  • Geese

  • Goats

  • Sheep

  • Hens

Every animal has its own pen with enough food and water for the entire day and I encourage the children to interact with the animals as much as possible.

All of our animals are productive farm animals. I give a half-an-hour’s talk aimed at the different levels, from junior infants up to senior students. I take each class one by one and we talk all about the animals, what food products they make and what it takes to look after them.

Since we travel across the country and we often have very long journey times, our trailers are designed to keep animals overnight. All of our animals are kept warm and cosy with plenty of food and water. The Maperath Mobile Farm offers a discount to schools in the same county if they book together.