The Mobile Story

Maperath Mobile Farm is an outdoor classroom that is used to educate children and adults through a hands-on learning experience. The mobile farm teaches young and old about the different farm animals and their role in producing the food we eat.

Coming home from school one day I noticed that my daughter was unusually quiet. When I asked her what was wrong she said that she was sad because there were children in her class who didn't have a pony. I realised that not all children are fortunate enough to grow up on a farm surrounded by animals.

We love the life that we have created for our kids. They spend every day with all kinds of animals, looking after them, feeding them and even playing with them. Myself and my wife have always done our best to educate our kids to keep them involved in farm life.

That conversation with my daughter made me realise that not every child knows where their food comes from. Children, and people in general, are now often disconnected from the land and the source of their food. Most urban children have only ever seen farm animals at the zoo. Farming is so specialised now that even children who grow up on farms might not have seen a certain animal. I met one child who grew on a dairy farm but had never seen a pig. That is why I decided to set up the Mobile Farm to help educate children and get them involved in the story of their food.

Now we travel all over the country, visiting primary and secondary schools helping children to learn all about farm animals, the food they eat and sustainable farming.

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Education First

The most important thing to know about the mobile farm is that we are not a petting farm. Yes, the children can interact with all of the animals and touch and pet them, but our visit is designed to educate children on farm animals and help them learn and understand how the food they eat every day gets on their dinner plate. 

Each lesson or discussion is tailored to the age of the children. We encourage all children to ask questions and get involved in the conversation.

Nursing Homes

Recently, the mobile farm has started visiting nursing homes. A lot of the residents have grown up on farms, and a visit from us can bring back great memories for them. It is especially effective for Alzheimer and Dementia sufferers. Seeing the animals gets them telling great yarns of the old days.

Hear From Our Customers

“Eoin from Maperath Farm visited our local school for a family fun day with his mobile pet farm. Fantastic experience for the kids of all ages - lots of interactions with animals. Animals were very well cared for. Loads of positive feedback from parents and children alike… Thanks Eoin for a great afternoon in the school.”
Siobhan Magner

“Fabulous set up for the animals and birds. Really loved to see how the turkeys and geese were fed etc. The kids loved it too!”
Marnie Crerar

“Brilliant Mobile Farm Day.”
Pamela Farrell