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Free Range

As the oldest certified free range farm selling direct in Meath, Maperath Farm guarantees a high quality of life for all of our birds on the farm.

On our farm, our birds live as nature intended. We passionately believe in the quality of life of the bird, they are fully free and live outdoors. The only time the birds are inside is at night to keep them safe from foxes. Our birds enjoy about three times the recommended square footage per bird for free range status. They are never under any pressure for space as this allows all of our birds to not only survive but to thrive.

Once they are six weeks old, our birds spend their days outside roaming, playing and eating as much as they want. We don’t have rigid feeding times or quantities and we strive to stay as close to the foraging nature of the bird as possible. As well as providing non-processed wholegrain meal we also plant  foraging crops for them including kale, brassicas, and sunflowers so they are free to forage away throughout the day.

We never de-beak our birds. This cruel and inhumane practice makes it difficult for the bird to eat and forage naturally and it does not fit in with our ethos.