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Our Birds

In April, the first of our birds arrive for Christmas. Turkeys and geese arrive to Maperath Farm as day old chicks and goslings. We spend the next 9-10 months looking after them as best we can.

At Maperath Farm we only offer bronze turkeys for Christmas, as it is actually the most traditional bird and we love the flavour and quality it delivers. White turkeys were the result of commercialism in the 1970’s and does not fit in with our sustainable and ethical ethos. We have four different breeds of turkey which finish at different weights for the Christmas table.

A Happy Bird is a Tasty Bird

We guarantee that our happy and healthy turkeys will taste better than any other turkey you’ve ever had. As we are fond of saying “A happy bird is a tasty bird” and this is evident in both the colour and texture of the meat. The meat is darker and a lot more succulent, the flavour lasts in your mouth, and the bird cooks out differently to a commercial bird when roasted with great moisture.

We offer all our birds for sale with their giblets, and we encourage our customers to use every morsel of the bird whether it is for soup or stock. We focus on forgotten skills and cooking traditions as part of Christmas and for this reason we will never offer the convenient ‘crown of turkey’. At Maperath Farm, we are all about respecting your food, making the most of the bird and leaving no waste.